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The Parkettes are pleased to invite you to participate in our 19th Annual Brian Babcock Memorial Invitational (formerly known as the Parkettes Boys Invitational, is actually in its 43rd year of existence).  Through the years, this meet has developed into one of the largest and most prestigious men’s invitationals in the country, highlighting gymnastics from across the country and abroad.  In 1999, the Parkettes renamed this competition to honor the life of Brian Babcock, former USA National Champion and Parkettes Men’s Program Director.  His love for the sport and support of the children who participate in it will always be remembered.  As we enter the year 2018, let’s remember his legacy and pass it on to our gymnasts. 

Entries will be accepted on a first come basis.  We have received a tremendous response to the Invitational and will accept pre-registered teams first.  The pre-registration deadline is October 1, after this date, entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  You may by-pass preregistration by registering all athletes now and paying all applicable meet fees.  No entries will be accepted without fees. 

Details coming.





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