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ParkettesTraveling Gymnastics Program:

This program is designed to incorporate an academic pre-school learning program with a core gymnastics program.

The Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center has been providing Lehigh Valley youth with quality gymnastics programs for over forty years.  In the past nineteen years, we have expanded the program to include daycares.  We would like to extend this program to you.

The importance of physical fitness for today’s child is unquestionably.  With the physical fitness rates failing nationwide, parents everywhere are attempting to incorporate physical activity into their children’s lives.  In our extensive teaching experience, we have repeatedly observed the lack of coordination and loco motor ability found in a large number of today’s teenagers.  Many high school students have NOT mastered basic actions such as throwing, hopping and skipping.  This can lead to a development of low self-esteem and a negative attitude towards all types of sports and physical activity.  It is for these reasons that we believe in instilling positive athletic experiences in children beginning at very young ages.  Parkettes can offer you a program that can begin to do just that for your children.

Perhaps the primary benefit to you is that it offers something to the parents that they may have difficulty doing on their own.  Getting children to after school programs may be difficult for working parents.  Therefore, we bring it to them as a part of your daycare program.  The highlights and benefits of our program include:

We plan a schedule that works with your schedule. Although we recommend a weekly program, we can accommodate bi-weekly or monthly programs.
A nationally, safety certified Parkette staff.  We maintain a minimum ratio of 8 to 1.
A fun, challenging, age-specific program focusing on motor skill development and coordination.
State of the art equipment (we provide and change weekly).
$20.00 ANNUAL Registration fee
A low, affordable price  ($7.00/ ½ hour) payable by check or credit card.
A FREE trial session to introduce your parents and students to our program.


ParkettesChildren's Enrichment Program:

(Boys and Girls Ages 2 1/2 - 5) This program is designed to provide your child with structured activites combinded with gymnastics and FUN. We provide activites that give your child an opportunity to discover, explore, be challenged and most of all make them love to come to school. It is a great way to prepare your child for Kindergarten. We believe children grow, develop and learn at different rates and we strive to develop the type of environment that considers each childs individual needs and interests. (Certified elementary teachers and gymnastics staff)

Monday-Thursday - You may attend 2, 3 or all 4 days. We will accommodate for your needs! 


September through May

For more information call 610-433-0011

Our gymnastics goals are designed to develop a high level of motor skills, to build self-confidence, and to give each child a strong self-image. It will enhance their listening skills and help them learn to follow directions in our safe and FUN environment.

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