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Pre-School Classes

You & Me Kid (Girls & Boys, Ages 1-3 done with an adult)
We know you will find this program to be FUN. We strive daily to think, research, and develop our program to be the best it can be for increased satisfaction for you and your child. You will learn and use proven techniques to help develop your child’s sensory motor coordination and self-confidence. Each session your child will reach new milestones in development. Fun themes are incorporated throughout each semester. Special Programs include: Beach Party Week, Teddy Bear Week, Bring A Friend Week, Grandparents Week, and more!

Kindergym (Girls & Boys, Ages 3-6)
Our curriculum and goals are designed to develop a high level of gross motor skills, to build self-confidence, and to give each child a strong self-image. Children explore their physical abilities through age-appropriate activities on the four Olympic events as well as the use of such preschool equipment as incline mats, barrels, slides, tunnels, donuts, parachutes, and trampolines. This program will enhance their listening skills and help them learn to follow directions in our safe and FUN environment. Fun themes are incorporated throughout each semester. Special Programs include: Silly Sticker Week, Teddy Bear Week, Bring A Friend Week, Parent Participation Week, Grandparents Week, and Beach Party Week!

Kindergym at PArkettes
Mighty K’s (Girls entering kindergarten, Ages 5-6)
This program is designed for girls who are preparing to move from a preschool class into a recreational gymnastics class. In this transitional class, the emphasis is placed on developing specific gymnastics skills through progressive activities on each of the gymnastics apparatus – tumbling, vaulting, bars, balance beam and trampoline.

Children’s Enrichment Program (Boys & Girls, Ages 3-5)
This program is designed to provide your child with structured activities combined with gymnastics and FUN. We provide activities that give your child an opportunity to discover, explore, be challenged and most of all make them love to come to school. It is a great way to prepare your child for Kindergarten. We believe children grow, develop and learn at different rates, and we strive to develop the type of environment that considers each child’s individual needs and interests. (Our Director, Christy Dawson, has a degree in early child and elementary education, and the rest of the team is our gymnastics staff) Runs Monday-Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm.
Xtreme Ninja {Parkettes Style} (Boys & Girls ages 6-8 & 9-11)
This skill based, fast paced, fitness class will teach your child to channel their energy level into a focused goal. Spinning, rolling, climbing, jumping and flipping give your child a challenge they will never forget. Boys and girls will participate in challenges to increase athletic fitness and coordination for all sports.Check the schedule- 2 different classes one for 6-8 year olds and one for 9-11 year olds.

Lunchtime Flip Zone (Boys & Girls, Ages 1-7)
Spend quality athletic time with your child in our safe preschool gymnasium. This supervised open workout activity is offered 4 times weekly. General Public Welcome.

Satellite Gymnastics Program
Parkettes have two vans that travel to area schools, day care and nursery programs to incorporate gymnastics into their existing programs.

Girl Classes 

5 years and up
Parkettes recreational class program is structured to follow USA Gymnastics guide-lines and is achievement oriented. Classes are designed to prepare girls for both competitive and non-competitive gymnastics. Basic skills, progressions, strength, and flexibility training are included in our program. Instruction is included on all women’s apparatus, with the trampoline and pit used to aid in the safe learning of higher level skills. Our annual Turkey Trot, Leprechaun Leap, and class competition highlight the class program. Ribbons, medals and lots of Fun . . . for everyone.

As an introduction to the sport of gymnastics, this class does not require any gymnastics experience (1 hour class)

Level 1
Basic fundamentals of gymnastics experience. Focus is placed
on mastering the correct form and technique of gymnastics basics.
(1-1/2 hr class)

Levels 2 & 3
For girls with gymnastics experience. Focus is placed on
more difficult gymnastics skills, along with the development of adequate
strength and flexibility to insure the safe execution of such skills.
(1-1/2 hr to 2 hr class)

Levels 3, 4 & 5
This class is for the advanced recreational gymnast. (2 hr class)

Tumbling (Cheernastics) (Ages 6-18)
Learn the tumbling skills you need to make your school’s squad or improve your individual tumbling and technique. In our state of the art facility, we can help you learn round-offs, front and back handsprings, flips and more . . . safely and correctly. Strength and flexibility training is also included in each class. Special Squad Rates Available, please call.

Boy Classes

5 years and up
The boys class program is focused on three elements; a fun and positive environment; fundamental skill development; and basic motor-muscular development in strength, flexibility and coordination! By emphasizing your child’s success, athletic confidence will develop for both gymnastics and any other sport your son may later pursue. Instruction includes all six men’s events as well as the trampoline and pit.

Future Stars (Boys entering kindergarten)
This program is designed as a transitional class (from pre-school to the boys program) with emphasis placed on developing specific gymnastics skills through progressive activities on each of the boys gymnastics apparatus. Your child will have FUN while learning important basic skills that will be used in his recreational class in the upcoming year. (Skill area focus: floor, vault, pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, high bar and trampoline)

Specialty Programs

Special Needs
These classes are intended to meet the needs of any child who whether for physical, mental or emotional reasons, cannot adapt comfortably to our other gymnastics programs. Included in this program is our Thursday evening Special Olympics Training, serving to assist children in preparation for competition. Some special needs may be best met in our regular instructional classes; please call the office to discuss what may work best for your child.

Open Gym Time (Girls, Cheerleaders, Ages 6 and up)
September through June. Saturdays- this supervised gym time gives additional time for all athletes to practice skills which will help them reach their individual goals. General Public Welcome. $15 per class/Punch Card Discounts Available.

Parkettes Teams (Girls & Boys Competitive)
Parkettes has a long and successful tradition of developing the beginner level competitive gymnasts to the Olympic level. Our gymnasts have competed at state, national and international competitions.

Private Lessons (for all ages)
Private lessons are designed to allow you to spend the extra time you need to learn the gymnastics skills you are striving to master. This format focuses on the needs of each individual. Private lessons are available by request. Contact the office to schedule. 1/2 hr $45.00, 1 hr $60.

Field Trips/Family Fun Nights
We welcome charter schools, private schools, after school programs, church groups, etc. to experience our facility. Must be scheduled in advance. Very reasonable rates and a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your family.

Birthday Parties
Our facility lends itself to being the most exciting birthday venue around. Our staff will design the party based on your child’s age. We provide activities, birthday party bags, a balloon and a coupon for a free class trial. You come with your camera ready to capture this special day. Available to the public. Please call for prices and availability. More information is available HERE.
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